Dolan 3" Flat Faceting Tool

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Dolan CFT Series faceting tools are made with 1/2 in wide, heavy duty knife steel. They are heat tempered and sharpened on the inner edge to allow each cut to direct clay away from the pottery piece being trimmed. These are a favorite for people who work BIG. Two distinct shapes and three sizes in each style are available.

Each Dolan Tool is completely handmade from the finest high carbon knife steel. Dolan tools are meticulously formed and sharpened using methods only used by Dolan Tools.

The fine edge of a Dolan Trimming Tool is tempered and treated to withstand the vigor of the true ceramic artist.

Couple the superior tool head with a fine lathe turned hardwood handle and the Dolan Tool becomes the instrument of your expression.

Dolan Tools believes ceramic artists deserve a tool that has been made with the same personal care as the pieces that are created with it.

Care and Maintenance Dolan Tools are made from very special high carbon steel. The life of the tool can be significantly prolonged if proper care and maintenance is practiced. Tools should be cleaned and stored dry when not in use. Store your trimming tool like you would store a fine kitchen knife to keep it sharp.

Mineral oil can be applied to the wooden handle and blade to help protect your tool.