Use and care of Dolan Tools

Dolan Tools are made from high carbon knife steel giving them their unique toughness and durability.

In order to keep your tools in optimum condition we recommend frequent use, rinsing after work, drying and storing them in dry place. If used infrequently or in case of long term storage we recommend coating the tool head in a fine layer of an oil of your choosing. This coating will help to prevent corrosion and make sure the tool is ready when needed. 

If, for any reason, you determine that you need to sharpen your Dolan Tool please use caution. They are made to hold a razor's edge and are dangerous if not handled with care.

The preferred methods for maintaining your tools' edge are whetstone (oil or water) or a diamond file.

Never use power tools to sharpen your Dolan Tools. This will heat the steel and destroy the temper drastically shortening its life and making it unable to hold an edge again.